Refugee Crisis – Sheffield Hackathon

Andy Mayer from Yoomee is working with the group Sheffield For Humanity to look into the possibility of arranging a Sheffield hackathon to see how we could help with the crisis through developing open source apps and websites.

Andy says, “There’s a massive amount of digital talent in Sheffield and I’m convinced that smart minds working together to utilise the power of the internet could significantly help reduce some of the chaos around the current refugee crisis.

“At this stage I have no idea where or when the hackathon will happen. I’m just putting the idea out there to see if anybody in Sheffield wants to get involved. What I’m hoping is that the local tech community can develop something open source that can also be shared with other cities.”

There is lots more information in Andy’s blog on the Yoomee website. Please take a look to find out more and register your interest if you would like to be involved.


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