Higher and Degree Apprenticeships @ SHU

Sheffield Hallam University are running an event for employers on the 25th February


On Thursday February 25th, from 1-4pm, Sheffield Hallam University are holding an event called “Higher and Degree Apprenticeships: Addressing the Skills Gap”. The purpose of the event is to introduce their plans for these apprenticeships to employers, including a focus on “digital technologies” so, as this is a pretty new concept in education, here’s a short overview of what they are:

The first thing to know is that the Conservative government is very keen on apprenticeships. From next year they are aiming to introduce something called the “Apprenticeship Levy”, which will force employers whose payroll bill is greater than £3m per year to pay an additional 0.5% of that bill into a central fund which will be used to subsidise apprenticeships in the rest of the economy (although it should be noted that the scheme is still being hotly debated).

In addition, a commitment to provide apprenticeships is included in both Sheffield’s City Deal, and the proposed Combined Authority Devolution Deal.

Higher Apprenticeships have existed for a while, and allow apprentices to gain degree qualifications while working in a company.

In March last year, the government announced the creation of a number of Degree Apprenticeships, about which they say:

“Degree Apprenticeships will go further [than Higher Apprenticeships]. They will involve a degree as an integral part of the apprenticeship, co-designed by employers to make sure it is relevant for the skills industry is looking for.”

With all apprenticeships, the cost of course fees are shared between the employer and the government, which means many apprentices are able to earn a degree without paying any fees.

So far a number of curriculum guidelines for apprenticeships relating to the digital industries have been published by central government. The following three are ‘ready for delivery’ and are being offered in a handful of universities around the country:

And the following ones are in development:

The event on the 25th is an opportunity to find out what Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes Sheffield Hallam University has to offer, including in digital, and also to get involved in discussions to shape the offer to fit what local businesses need.

So, we think it’s well worth turning out for.

                   Register for the event here                    

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