Episode 58: Sophie Wendell on managing a community during a global pandemic

Sheffield Digital's new community manager on supporting the community in challenging times.

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    After a few interviews, episode 58 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast features a chat with our new community manager, Sophie Wendell, and a catch up on what’s happening in the digital community.

    And what a start Sophie has had! The plan was for her to play a key role in organising and meeting people the lead up to the Sheffield Digital Festival. But instead her first task was to write up guidelines for event organisers in a global pandemic!

    Since then, Sophie has been working extremely hard and entirely remotely to learn more about the community and provide as much support as possible. It’s great to finally introduce her properly on the show and hear more about what she’s got planned.

    Also! Mel and Chris talk a little about what they have been doing, what it’s been like to run Sheffield Digital in the time of coronavirus, plus some of the fantastic work happening in the community. Listen up!

    Note: this episode was recorded on Friday 23 April 2020, so please do check to see if the information discussed is still up to date when you listen.

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