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Code4000: Teaching prisoners how to code

Sheffield software company, Yoomee, has been working with Code4000 to help break the cycle of crime by teaching prisoners coding.

Code4000 is Europe’s first prison coding workshop and is currently running a pilot with 32 prisoners at HMP Humber. The training is intense for the prisoners: nine-to-five, every day. Five years ago, Yoomee started a small in-house experiment to teach young offenders to code, but back then they didn’t have the resources to apply the

Should pay be displayed on job ads?

Andy Mayer shines a light on why jobs are so frequently advertised without stating the salary in the digital sector.

Here’s a selection of the comments: “When a job ad doesn’t have a salary range, it just makes me think that they aren’t prepared to pay the market rate and are trying to hide that fact, so I don’t apply. I don’t understand why companies don’t post it.” “Truth is, I think not specifying a