Announcing: The SheffieldDigital Slack Team!

You can now connect with others in the local digital community at

Dear everyone,

We’re setting up a Slack team for the Sheffield digital community, in order to provide a place where the whole community can share info and organise ourselves.

(If you’re not aware of Slack, it’s a team messaging and communications service that is designed for development teams, but works really well as community resource as well. Check it out here:

The team is at but you’ll need an invitation to join – please email Mel and she will let you in.

We’ve already set the team up with channels for the following topics:

The ‘purpose’ info associated with each channel explains what it is for.
We have prefixed these channels with underscores in order to make them appear at the top of the channel list, and to separate them from the ‘language/user group’ channels which we’d like there to be a lot of (more about which below).
If you would like to see other channels, please suggest them on the _general channel.

Calling all local User Groups!

In addition to the general topic channels, we also want channels for specific technologies, languages, frameworks, methods, etc., like “ruby”, “javacript”, “user experience” and so on. However, rather than just listing those generic topics, we would like to support and promote the user groups that nurture the communities around those topics. In addition, we want to give those user groups ownership of the channels, so rather than us setting them up, we’d like the people that run the user groups to set them up so everyone can see who owns them.

So, if you run a local tech user group, please ask for an invitation to join the slack team and we’ll help you set up the channel for your group, so it carries your name and your ‘purpose’ description in Slack. If you already have a slack team set up for your group, we can put a pointer in our channel list directing people to your slack team, (or perhaps you would consider migrating across at some stage? This is not intended to be a ‘land grab’ but a way of bringing all the local tech communities together, in a similar way to other community slack teams like TechYorks and MCRTech).

We reckon this can be a brilliant resource for the digital community in the city, and we’re very willing to manage it. Let’s try to get every local user group set up and visible in the channel list, for starters!

Please join the slack team (email Mel!) and let us know any ideas and suggestions you have in the _general channel.


Mel Kanarek, Chris Dymond, Saul Cozens, Andy Mayer, Neill Birchenall
Co-founders, Sheffield Digital

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